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Build, Integrate and Deploy Powerful Apps Faster and With Better Results

Onit's Apps evolve with your business needs. Whether you are looking to simplify your contract management process, build the most full-featured e-billing or matter management system or implement a self-serve NDA solution, Onit Apps are easy to create and implement. How easy? We've configured Apps in less than 30 minutes and helped customers get up and running faster than they could sign a contract. Start with one App and build others as needed.

Onit Apps are built on the powerful Onit App Builder platform, an innovative tool that makes it easy to create, modify and deploy Apps with robust workflow, transaction management and reporting capabilities. Using a truly collaborative platform, Onit Apps help our customers solve real business problems without the need for costly support, training or IT infrastructure.

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A Powerful App Platform

With a Smart Process App Builder

Companies and resellers that want to optimize multiple processes can take advantage of our Smart Process App Builder platform license. Apps developed on the Smart Process App Builder:

  • Are a fraction of the cost of BPM and traditional enterprise systems
  • Can be configured in less than 30 minutes
  • Reduce cycle times and pay for themselves in months
  • Requires no coding

The Onit App Advantage

One Platform

Onit is the "platform" your legal department needs to achieve its business goals. Gartner states that legal departments increasingly need to augment their Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) systems to accommodate business process, workflow and collaboration capabilities. ELM vendors primarily focus on solving problems internal to the legal department such as e-billing or matter management.

Gartner concludes that legal departments must take the next step and truly collaborate with the business people they support through platforms that support the collaborative work they do. Onit App Builder is the only platform that can grow beyond your legal department and automate all of your enterprise process needs. Designed for people — not enterprises — our innovative Apps are the next frontier for software because they are designed for people and built for change.

App It. With Onit.

Onit Apps are easy to develop and deploy — it's that simple. Whether you are looking to automate one process or 15 processes, users can get up and running quickly with little to no training. In fact, you can buy, configure and deploy what you need when you need it. Unlike "enterprise" software, enhancements to Apps can be made anytime. The process is completely iterative.


Collaboration is vital for managing processes in any department. Onit gives team members an easy way to communicate in a shared workspace. All team members know exactly what is going on without having to search in Outlook for status updates.

Unmatched Time To Value

Traditional process management initiatives take between nine to 12 months for scoping, implementation and final execution. ROI is typically not measured for months after completion. Onit Apps are configured and implemented in weeks — not months — so you can reap the financial and operational savings faster.

Onit Apps are designed for the way I work ... not how enterprise systems expect me to work. With Onit, it's easy to manage work, update colleagues and build new Apps. You might say they built it for the enterprise of me. Fortune 500 Customer

The Onit App Builder

Onit App Builder combines business process management, collaboration and transaction management functionality into one innovative tool. With Onit App Builder, it is easy to develop and deploy Enterprise Apps that streamline business processes and solve real world problems which directly impact customer satisfaction, employee productivity and profitability.

Key Features

Short Development & Deployment Time

Simple process pilots can be ready for implementation in hours and in production within days.

Adaptable & Flexible

Route, comment, revise and track progress of the project to accommodate the unpredictability in knowledge work.

Standard Intuitive Interface

Simple intuitive interfaces with standard features allowing the user to focus on the process instead of the application.

A "Learn By Doing" Approach

Optimization from rapid deployment rather than customized and expensive development of process maps and workflow design.

The Onit App Builder Difference

As an example, think about contract review and approval. There is a common set of steps occurring between a decision and an executed contract: submission, negotiation, approval, storage, and management. Now, try adding seven different approvers from multiple departments. Moving a draft contract around by email makes it impossible to keep track of the contract and ensure that it gets done right in a timely manner (see Figure 1).

Onit App Builder tames this chaos with four simple capabilities that are part of every Onit Web App — a simple intake form, a shared workspace, configured and ad hoc workflow, and a dashboard to view all of your transactions.

Onit App Builder centralizes all data, notes, documents, conversations and emails threads in one location. Business teams have real-time visibility into the process — whether it is a contract negotiation, NDA request or sales quote approval. It is easy to configure custom forms, fields, checklists, workflow and process tracking capabilities with the flexibility to make changes and improvements in-stream as often as required (see Figure 2).

Build Your Own Apps

Creating Apps with Onit App Builder lets your organization streamline internal processes, gain greater visibility into transactions and improve operational efficiency. Onit App Builder’s flexible platform lets you easily bridge the organizational and geographic boundaries critical to your business (see Figure 3).

Apps Built On Onit App Builder

  • Press Release Development and Approval
  • Security Incident Management
  • MSA Review
  • SOW Approval
  • NDA Review
  • New NDA Creation
  • Partnership Agreements
  • FCPA Policy Development
  • Invoice Approval
  • Board Kit Distribution
  • Software Defect Reporting
  • Power of Attorney / Signing Authority Approval
  • Board Member Replacement
  • Employee Termination Management
  • EEOC Complaint Management
  • Employee Vacation Requests
  • Sales Contract Tracking
  • Meetings Presentation Development
  • Outside Counsel Retainers
  • Legal Process Outsourcing
  • RFP Response Management
  • Trademark Registration and Renewal
  • Business Renewal
  • Property Management
  • Software Change Control Management
  • Supplier Termination
  • Distribution Licenses
  • Promotional Agreements
  • E-Hold Management