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Littler Mendelson Whistleblower Survey

Companies are increasingly concerned about the potential impact of whistleblower claims on their organizations; however, the level of concern has not fully peaked as companies are still adapting to the new regulatory environment created by Dodd-Frank. - Littler Mendelson’s Whistleblower Survey, November 2011. Learn More »

Problem Statement:

Compliance issues can arise if one of your employees’ falls off a ladder, gets into a fight, or needs to anonymously report an incident to the human resources department. Typically, companies set up processes that include telephone hotlines, emails, or informal meetings. However, information needs to be properly gathered so accidents, incidents, and other reports can be investigated.

Onit Solution:

Onit’s Incident/Accident Reports App helps you have the systems in place to minimize the fear surrounding compliance whether the issue is financial, safety, operational, or environmental.

Value Prop:

With different reports coming in, everything needs to be managed in an efficient manner in order to reduce risk, costs, and damage to your company’s reputation.



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