Why Onit

Unmatched Agility & Intuitive Interface

Onit Smart Process Apps are user-friendly, easily adapt to changing process demands and provide insight into business processes on the whole. Enterprise software and BPM solutions often demand users to change their habits, requires days or hours of training and are notoriously difficult and expensive to upgrade or customize after implementation.

Onit Smart Process Apps are lightweight, easily customizable by the end-user and offer a level of flexibility that is absent in enterprise software. Onit Smart Process Apps can be configured in days and business teams can be up and running quickly. This quick set-up and deployment is possible with little to no IT involvement.

Smarter Collaboration

Onit Smart Process Apps excel in facilitating collaboration – an aspect that is increasingly growing and an integral part of business processes. Business teams, clients and vendors collaborate seamlessly in a shared workspace, where they can discuss ideas, review notes and documents, comment on the contributions of others and define next steps and deadlines. All members also have access to a history of activities so nothing gets lost or misplaced.

Unprecedented Transparency

Onit Smart Process Apps provide transparency into normally opaque processes. In most companies, simple processes like contract review, NDA requests, sales quotes, new legal matters and employee onboarding consume inordinate amount of staff and management time.

This is often the case because these documents (i.e. contracts, transactions, pricing sheets, etc.) move between disparate silos such as email and shared drives and are stored and managed in multiple locations. Onit Smart Process Apps automate these manual, cumbersome, and often paper intensive processes, while giving team members visibility throughout the process. Flexible routing and re-routing capabilities let authorized participants makes changes to the workflow and add approvers as necessary.

Business teams remain in control of all aspects of the process – from tracking to reporting to management dashboard views.