In your business, who is responsible for managing and growing the current customer base? Maybe it is a member of the sales team or a member of the account management or customer success department.

Regardless of where that responsibility lies, those teams face a lot of the same challenges - having to check 37 different systems just to get a snapshot of customer status. Maintaining customer touch points in a way that continues to add value is critical. And when up-sell/cross-sell opportunities come along, remembering the various product messages, value propositions, and differentiators required to effectively engage customers with the right pitch at the right time can be challenging.

The Account Management Playbook App provides a simple way to serve up the right messages, assets, and talking points that your reps can use to engage customers and close more effectively. Whether you want to schedule periodic reminders, trigger ad hoc marketing announcements, or have different content served up based on the sales stage, the Account Management Playbook App can make account management more manageable.