For many law firms, growth in their business is leading to unrelenting client demand for Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFAs) and a constant challenge to provide innovative pricing scenarios for their legal services. While most firms have technology in place that enable their finance teams to model alternate scenarios and manage the intake process, the review and approval of AFAs is primarily accomplished with emails and spreadsheets.

The Onit AFA Submission & Approval App empowers law firms to: 

  • Easily track and manage AFAs from the intake process through approval
  • Quickly see historical data across all AFAs
  • Manage the portfolio of AFAs that are proposed, under review, and completed
  • Analyze the data to see what type of agreements are more profitable to the law firm

The Onit AFA Submission & Approval App provides an enhanced capability to manage risk, improve responsiveness to clients, increase productivity and achieve a greater transparency and insight around your portfolio of AFAs. The AFA Submission & Approval App helps you align with your clients’ interests and supports the forecasting and budgeting processes critical to making the issue of pricing transparent so clients aren’t surprised about their legal bills.

The Onit AFA Submission & Approval App lets you manage all of your alternative pricing agreements in one central location and gives you the ability to see the profitability analysis of each agreement. The Dashboard lets you manage your portfolio of AFAs and gives you the ability to filter by stages (i.e. proposed, under review, or completed), recent activity, or by client name. Additionally, the App is affordable, easy to configure, and requires virtually no training.