In commercial real estate, two things are often true: 1. deals are complex and 2. it's difficult to manage several deals that are all in different stages. The Onit Commercial Real Estate App lets you easily track and manage your deals in one central location.

With the Onit Commercial Real Estate Broker App, you will always know: 

  • What is the next step on a deal
  • Where is the document I need to send to the client/broker
  • How much commission can I expect to make this month
  • When does my client's lease expire

The Onit Commercial Real Estate App helps you manage all of your deals, regardless of your location. All too often, brokers have very little control or visibility into all aspects of their deals. The Onit Commercial Real Estate App eliminates this problem and provides insight that is not possible using spreadsheets or email.

Brokers and firms that use Onit’s Commercial Real Estate App can drive activity, simplify their day-to-day activities, and drastically reduce the time spent looking for information related to a deal. The App is very affordable and doesn't require any training. Using the App, brokers can centralize their documents, market surveys, and key business documents, so they can focus on their real work — closing deals faster and making money.