The Onit Contract Administration App lets you easily manage contracts and business documents in one central location. In most companies today, contract information is fragmented and stored in multiple locations — if stored at all.

With the Onit Contract Administration App, everyone involved will know exactly:

  • Where contracts, addendums, notices, SOWs, attachments and exhibits are located
  • What contracts are active and inactive
  • When a contract needs to be renewed or terminated
  • When specific contract notices are due

The Onit Contract Administration App is an affordable and easy-to-use App that lets you manage all of your contracts in one secure place. As a contract administrator, simply log in to the App for a Dashboard View of all active and inactive contracts. You then have the ability to drill into an existing contract or add a new contract.

Adding a new contract can be created with one click and you can completely customize the fields you wish to see. Once the contract has been added, reminders can be set such as contract expiration dates, renewal dates, and when to add relevant notes and documents.

Managing contracts with the Onit Contract Administration App is simple and requires no training. You have complete control of contracts and business agreements while ensuring contract compliance.