Visibility into your Legal Process Outsourcing work is critical to ensure a high standard of quality, timely turnaround of matters, and reduced cost of work. Companies that continue to use email and spreadsheets will find themselves at a competitive disadvantage in this growing segment of legal work.

With the Onit LPO App, everyone involved will know exactly:

  • Which LPO provider is working on specific tasks
  • Where every contract, matter, or document is in 
    the process
  • What the deadlines and delivery dates are
  • How each LPO provider is performing, 
    and which are providing the best service

The Onit LPO App is an affordable and easy-to-use App that lets you manage all of your outsourced work in a single secure location. As inside counsel, you can easily keep track of all work being done outside your legal department with the Dashboard View of all distributed tasks. You then have the ability to drill into any of those tasks to see the status and next steps.

Adding new tasks can be done with one click and you can completely customize the fields you wish to see. Once the tasks have been added, reminders can be set such as review dates and deadline dates. Managing your LPO providers with the Onit Legal Process Outsourcing App is simple and requires no training. You have complete visibility into your outsourced work and control over the quality and timeliness of work produced.