The Onit Matter Intake App simplifies the matter intake process to a single data-entry form making it easier to streamline workflow and reduce unnecessary information gathering. Using the Onit Matter Intake App, everyone will know:

  • When new matters are created
  • How many new matters are created on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Which lawyers are assigned to each matter
  • Where the matter is in the process

Legal departments need to have a clearly defined matter intake process. Working without a process can lead to conflicts of interest, issues with collecting information, liability problems and inconsistent company goals. Ultimately, the key is putting into place a seamless, continuous process from the moment a project, claim or legal matter becomes a potential lawsuit.

The Onit Matter Intake App helps legal departments centralize and rationalize intake processes so matters that need immediate attention can move to the top of the priority list. Improving the quality of the matter intake process enhances relationships with business clients and contributes to better organization in other business processes – making a positive impact on your bottom line.