Sharing a similar history with e-billing, matter management systems entered mainstream corporate law departments in the early 1980s. The impetus for these systems was simple — lawyers needed to store matter-related data and manage the lifecycle of a case or matter more effectively than using paper files. These systems were designed as the repository for all matter-related information; but were successful only to the extent that lawyers and staff were willing to enter information.

As technology evolved and, in particular, as email became a preferred method for communication, two challenges arose. First, the volume of information related to matters was now widely dispersed and increased exponentially. Second, the need to share matter-related information, collaborate with business users and automate processes, such as matter intake, became increasingly important to a law department’s success.

These database-driven systems generally could not accommodate this new reality or the changing nature of a typical lawyer’s role in an organization. Law departments continue to rely on these systems of record but have not been able to leverage this technology to engage with business users collaboratively about open matters, matter status or matter budgets.

Until now — with the release of Onit’s Matter Management App. Law firms, law departments and business stakeholders can now take advantage of a truly collaborative and innovative approach to matter management that is more than 20 years in the making. Designed by experts in e-billing and matter management — the founders of Datacert — Eric M. Elfman and Eric Smith, the Onit Matter Management App is the first collaborative workspace that allows all business stakeholders to share real-time matter information and seamlessly monitor an entire matter portfolio.

The Onit Matter Management App is a powerful platform that houses all the relevant data for legal matters in a corporate legal department. The App is uniquely different because it acts like a system of record for all types of sensitive information (i.e. matter types, practice areas, internal and external resources, open / close dates, risk assessment, timekeeper rates, expenses, status or phase of completion, etc.) and combines powerful collaboration features to make it a system of engagement that users enjoy.

How Does It Work?

The Onit Matter Management App delivers clarity about your overall matter portfolio while providing real-time data and dashboards so you can monitor and track all your matters throughout their lifecycle.

Legal team members will have immediate access to critical matter, financial and performance metrics through simple information collection, management and workflow. Additionally, team members will have the ability to track matter results across outside law firms and view matter details in aggregate, thereby improving the enforcement of billing requirements and status updates.