Onit’s Legal Service Request solution provides a legal department with an intelligent and user-friendly method for engaging with business partners. Oftentimes, business consumers of legal services don’t know where to go in the organization to obtain the assistance they need. By providing the business with an intelligent, self-service portal to initiate a request for the legal department, legal can reach more of the organization’s needs and provide better legal service to the business.

Business partner requests for legal services are often tossed into the legal department sporadically by email, text or informal conversations from various departments. With no standard legal service intake process, tracking and assigning these requests is nearly impossible. To complicate matters, business partners typically do not include all the resources or documents in the initial request. Often, an email or phone conversation must ensue to obtain the relevant materials before the “real” legal work can even begin.

Onit’s Legal Service Request solution simplifies this intake process and provides a simple portal that allows business partners to interact and engage with the legal department. In doing so, the legal department obtains a more holistic view of the legal portfolio and the ability to better serve their clients. The legal department also gets a comprehensive view of all legal service requests and can report on request types (i.e. by department, region, phase, due date, etc.)

Client requests can be directed to the appropriate legal practitioner, even if the requester is not aware of the most appropriate recipient of the request. Clients can also self-serve to keep track of status and resolution of legal service requests.