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Enterprise Legal Management for
the 21st Century.

Brought to you by the same team who created spend management
a generation ago.

Onit’s Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) solution for Matter and Spend Management is the most innovative and comprehensive in the legal market today because “process” is at the core of everything we do. Traditional ELM vendors take a database-centric approach to managing legal operations and their technology platforms are primarily considered systems of record. As a result, lawyers rarely use these systems because they fundamentally don’t help them do anything better or faster.

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Our ELM solution is a “system of engagement” that supports the highly integrated, collaborative legal work that reinforces an enterprise’s business goals. Onit’s ELM solution represents a new paradigm shift and addresses:

  • Why systems of record are not enough to drive operational improvements
  • Why traditional ELM systems fall short
  • Why e-billing and matter management technology only represent a fraction of a legal department’s needs
  • Why process, workflow and collaboration are critical for a legal department to succeed

An Innovative Platform for Legal Department Operations

Onit represents the first real advance in Matter and Spend Management since the last company Onit’s founders started — Datacert (now Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions) in 1998. The difference is that Onit’s primary mission is to help lawyers get their work done better, faster and more efficiently by replacing email as the primary way they get work to do and get work done. We automate law department processes in ways that remove redundant/wasteful data entry by lawyers and staff.

One of the key differences for Onit is that to us, ELM is more than just Matter and Spend Management. Onit ELM is really a platform that lets you solve the “whole” of your legal department’s needs, whether that is for contract management, NDA creation and distribution, Legal Holds, SEC filings, eDiscovery or IP issues.

No other ELM vendor approaches legal department operations with “process” as its foundation.

Committed to Customer Success
& Quick Deployments

We are committed to our customers’ success and getting legal departments up and running quickly. In today’s environment, most ELM initiatives take between nine to 12 months for scoping, implementation and final execution — if not longer. ROI is typically not measured for months after completion. Our implementation process is unique in that no other ELM vendor can offer such quick deployments.

  • The Home Depot migrated 12+ years of e-billing data and on-boarded more than 300 firms in less than 150 days
  • Under Armour had no existing technology or process to manage their legal spend but was up and running in 180 days
  • ADM had an incredibly complex local business and had to replace their matter / spend management system. From inception to completion, it only took 150 days and included a global rollout

Trusted and Adopted by Global Legal Departments

Onit Named Market Leader in
Enterprise Legal Management by Hyperion Research

Onit was recently recognized as a market leader in process management and highly innovative for its architecture and “appification” approach in the the Hyperion MarketViewTM Report: Enterprise Legal Management: E-Billing and Matter Management Systems. According to the report, “Onit can be seen as a disruptive player among ELM solution providers – possibly a paradigm shift brought about by the same team that shifted the market a generation ago.”

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The Onit Advantage:
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A New Approach to
Enterprise Legal Management (ELM):

Managing legal documents and transactions across an enterprise of any size is complex and challenging, but the systems supporting the effort don’t have to be. A new class of Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) solutions, designed for the way people and companies work, is changing the way legal departments manage matters, budgets and processes.

Download this white paper to learn how smarter technologies are bridging the gap between the promise and reality of ELM solutions.

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The next generation of ELM technology is here. Are you ready to evolve?

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