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Streamlining Legal Service Requests

Supercharge Your Legal Department Processes

Legal service requests (LSRs) should be relatively simple affairs to handle, but in reality, they are a frequent and major contributor to a legal department’s stress.

Thankfully, the chaotic world of emails, phone calls, and informal conversations to initiate legal service requests is now gone and business process automation has ushered in a new era of cutting edge customer service and efficiency.

In our new eBook, "Streamlining Legal Service Requests: Supercharge Your Legal Processes" we outline the benefits of having a quality LSR platform such as:

  •  How to drastically reduce the cycle time spent on manual, administrative tasks
  •  Enhancing responsiveness to your business partners
  •  Capturing all the relevant data in a simple form with little to no training
  •  Workflow that can be configured based on the information submitted in the online request form or to match business requirements

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