Business Process Management & Workflow

Onit’s business process management and workflow Apps drive tremendous gains in efficiency, accelerate transaction velocity and reduce costs. Our Apps help people get work done by addressing the simple, almost invisible processes that consume inordinate amounts of time, supporting all points of interactions between knowledge workers, and getting transactions out of email. Our Apps provide transparency and support the way people really work.

Key Apps

Commercial Real Estate

The Onit Commercial Real Estate App helps you gain visibility into all aspects of your deals, regardless of your location.

Employee Administration

The Onit E-billing App allows third parties such as law firms and other vendors to submit invoices securely to the corporate legal department for review and payment.

Employee Onboarding

The Onit Employee Onboarding App has customized check lists so you can notify various departments so they can better prepare for an employee’s first day.

Employee Termination

The Onit Employee Termination App lets you ease the employee termination process and ensure the company is protected.

Onit App Builder

Onit App Builder is a powerful platform that combines business process management, collaboration and transaction management functionality into one innovative tool.

Opportunity Management

The Onit Opportunity Management App is customized to your sales cycle to help your sales team close high value solution sales as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Project Management

The Onit Project Management App helps you manage all projects, notes, conversations, and documents in one location with easy team member collaboration.


The Onit Prospecting App gives your outbound team exactly what they need to develop your market, no more and no less.

Services Project Management

The Onit Services Project Management App lets you take control of complex projects with multiple team members.

Trip Report

The Onit Trip Report App is a quick and easy way for your sales rep to keep track of their customer and prospect visits.

Vacation Time-Off

The Onit Vacation Time-Off Tracker App lets you get a better handle on managing employee vacation and time off requests.


Fast Deployment

Driving efficiency and productivity is instrumental for the legal department to be successful. Onit legal Apps can be quickly setup and deployed in hours and days — not months and years.

Easy-to-Use Interface

A simple, intuitive interface makes it easy to get started with Onit Apps. There is virtually no training needed and the Apps can be customized quickly to your specific requirements.

Unmatched Time to Value

Traditional process management initiatives take between nine to 12 months for scoping, implementation and final execution. ROI is typically not measured for months. Onit Apps are configured and implemented quickly so you can reap the financial and operational savings faster.


Collaboration is vital for managing processes in any department. Onit gives team members an easy way to communicate in a shared workspace. All team members know exactly what is going on without having to search in Outlook for status updates.