Sales Effectiveness & Customer Engagement

Onit’s sales effectiveness and customer engagement Apps accelerate revenue by strengthening relationships with your customers throughout the lifecycle of the customer engagement. Whether your team is responsible for landing new business or for growing current accounts, our solutions help you engage with your customers efficiently and effectively.

Key Apps

Account Management Playbook

The Account Management Playbook App helps sales reps strengthen relationships with current customers by providing the right content at the right time — serving up the appropriate scripts, videos, or other media for that particular customer at that particular stage of the engagement.

Contract Lifecycle Management

The Contract Lifecycle Management App gives you complete control and visibility of your customer contracts, from review to approval to execution to renewal.

Customer Engagement Portal

The Customer Engagement Portal App provides your customers with self-service access to data, files, and timelines relevant to their engagement with your business.

Customer Intelligence

The Customer Intelligence App provides a one-stop shop for all sales, financial, and operational data on current customers. Integrations with CRM, customer service, accounting, and other platforms produce a composite view of customer health, and provide proactive alerts when that health begins to falter.

Microsoft Software License Management

Microsoft’s T-36 is a detailed process for LARs and VARs to optimize customer engagement and customer value by fulfilling Microsoft licensing requirements. Onit’s Microsoft Software License Management App gives you the tools and insights you need to manage the T-36 lifecycle for all of your customers.

Onit App Builder

Onit App Builder is a powerful platform that combines business process management, collaboration and transaction management functionality into one innovative tool.


Proactive Notifications

Get proactive alerts of opportunities to upsell, cross-sell, and address flight risks.


A simple, lightweight tool gives you the information you need and requires almost no training.

Custom Workflows

Workflows are tailored to your process needs and can be updated with ease.


Provides managers with visibility into account activity, stage, and health for all sales and account reps.