What are Onit Apps?

Onit Apps were designed to help business and legal teams become more efficient at what they do so they can streamline operations, control costs, gain visibility into projects and reduce company risk. They were designed to solve relatively simple business problems like contract review and approval, NDA requests, employee on-boarding, etc.

What is the Onit Platform?

The Onit platform is a fusion of three distinct components that drive efficiency and productivity in all areas of business. Our platform combines business process management, collaboration, communication and project management into one tool, allowing business teams to make informed decisions.

What are Onit Legal Apps?

Onit Legal Apps are ideal for legal departments that need to reduce legal spend and gain financial transparency into legal projects and matters. Our apps are a powerful combination of project management, business process management, electronic invoicing and matter management tools. Whether you need a comprehensive tool or a single solution, we can customize an app to fit your business needs.

Who can benefit using Onit's apps?

Onit's apps are ideal for business users looking for a tool to automate manual processes without the assistance of IT. Our monthly subscription plans are affordable and there is no need to download software to get started.

What are the advantages of using Onit?

Business and legal teams using Onit can efficiently share information and communicate with others both inside and outside the firewall. Onit provides an instant, effective, and simple method for tracking progress on projects, deals, transactions, cases, and litigation. You can also actively manage your team's status, update your personal status and respond faster to your team.

Who should use Onit?

Onit can be used by ANY legal and business professional to manage projects and automate business processes. For many customers, Onit is a compelling alternative to expensive or complex collaboration software tools or legal spend management products.

How is Onit unique?

Onit offers a lean, agile solution for legal and business professionals that don't necessarily need all the heavy and rigid components of traditional project management software. Onit is a lighter approach to project management that encourages team collaboration with internal and external groups. Onit combines project management with legal spend management so you can make better informed business decisions.

Is Onit easy to use?

Yes. Updating project status with Onit is a lot like updating personal status on Facebook or Twitter.

Do I need to install or download any software to use Onit?

No. Onit is 100% web-based. There is no software to install and no long deployment or implementation cycle. You can collaborate with colleagues within minutes of registering.

Is my data secure and private with Onit?

Onit meets the highest standards of enterprise class security. Our hosting partner is SAS 70 Type II Certified, which is the most secure certification possible. The data you enter in Onit belongs to you and will never be sold or shared. Read more about our security measures, click here. You can also review our Privacy Policy.

How do you get started with Onit?

An Internet browser and an e-mail address is all you need to register. Collaborating on legal and business projects can begin as soon as you register and invite your colleagues.

Is there a limit to the number of projects you can create in Onit?

No. You can create as many projects as you like in Onit. A project in Onit is a secure work space where business teams can come together and share information. Instead of emailing project and team information to the entire group, Onit centralizes project information so users can share files, manage documents, assign tasks and share status updates.

What are the system requirements to use Onit?

The only system requirements to use Onit are an Internet browser. Internet Explorer (versions officially supported by Microsoft) and the latest versions of FireFox, Safari and Chrome are all compatible with the system.

Is training necessary to get started with Onit?

No. Onit was designed with users in mind so the interface is simple to use. If you are a new Onit user, we recommend taking a few minutes to watch some of the screencasts.

What are the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?

The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can be accessed online.