Nov 3, 2010

Click Onit & The New User Interface That Is

We are thrilled to announce a new user interface today and wanted to share the exciting news. The new interface was designed with simplicity in mind to give you more control over how you view the information in your legal and business projects. Now, you decide what information you wish to display, whether it is project, team or task-related.

The new design uses “panels” and allows you to customize a dashboard specific to your work needs. The interface includes single-click options for creating new projects, adding team members, updating project status and assigning tasks. Users can also see a cross-project view of everything their colleagues are working on.

Watch this screencast to see a quick tour of the new interface. You can also read a review about the new design on Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites blog.

Click Onit: New User Interface
user interface
Rely Onit: Latest Enhancements

In addition to launching a new user interface, we added some features we think you’ll find valuable:

  • You can easily create and apply multiple tags to your projects. Tagging not only makes project management faster and more efficient but it helps when searching for lost or missing files. Watch this screencast.
  • You can see multiple views of your projects so you can quickly see what projects need your immediate attention. The list below shows the various filters. Watch this screencast.
    • Projects sorted by last activity
    • Projects sorted by name
    • Projects with no activity in the last two weeks (stale activity)
    • Projects sorted by tags
  • You can quickly add milestones to tasks to simplify project management. Watch this screencast.
  • It only takes a single click of the mouse to add a note, document, or Project Plan item to your project. You can also update your status, add or nudge a team member or create a new project in the same drop-down box. Watch this screencast.
  • It’s faster than ever to upload and attach multiple documents to projects.
  • Comprehensive document versioning with labels and descriptions lets you “edit” an existing document without having to upload a new version. You can also create a different display name than the document’s original file name.
  • You can see a cross-project view of all the tasks assigned to your projects. You can also filter by due dates or tasks without due dates to ensure nothing gets lost. Watch this screencast.

To watch more videos, visit our screencasts page on the website.

Get Onit: Log-on Now

We hope you like the new interface and find the product enhancements beneficial. Visit our community to tell us what you think of the new design, ask a question about the application or report a problem. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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