May 5, 2011

Onit Updates Interface with New Menu

We recently updated our interface to include a new menu to simplify the dashboard and make navigating in the application easier. Although the modifications were subtle, the enhancements were necessary so Onit Premium users can create custom items and links in the menu.

Onit Enhancement: New Dashboard Menu

The screen shot below captures the new menu system from the dashboard page. The Projects, Recent Activity and Team Members panels are highlighted in the menu bar on the left and shown in the main viewing area. Users still have the ability to open and close as many panels as they wish, allowing them to customize their dashboard.

Onit Enhancement: New Project Menu

The new project menu is divided into three main categories once you drill into a project – VIEW, DO and GO TO.

1. VIEW – This section includes all the panels from the previous menu.

    • Projects
    • Project Detail
    • Recent Activity
    • Project Plan
    • Tasks
    • Notes
    • Documents
    • Team Members
    • Help (this was in the drop-down menu previously)
    • Getting Started (this was in the drop-down menu previously)

2. DO – This section was designed so users can quickly add new items without drilling into a project.

    • Add Documents
    • Add Note
    • Add Project Plan Item
    • Add Team Members
    • Nudge Team Member
    • Update My Project Status
    • Create a New Project

3. GO TO – This section includes all the people you collaborate with at your company and outside guests such as law firms, vendors, consultants, etc.

    • People

Previous Onit Menu Interface

The screen shot below shows the previous menu system with the icons at the top of the screen under Panels. The five main panels are Projects, Recent Activity, Tasks, Team Members and a More button. Adding additional icons for Onit Premium users in this section was challenging so we moved the menu system to the left side of the screen.

Get Onit: Log-on Today

We hope you enjoy the new menu enhancements and find navigating in the tool a bit easier. If you are interested in learning more about how to add custom links and menu items with Onit Premium, please contact me today. Log-on to see the new enhancements.


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