A Serious “Bug” in Volkswagen’s Legal Hold Process

Fortunately, legal holds don’t appear very often, but companies need to take them very seriously and have a secure plan in the event that one happens. Equally important, companies must not veer away from the plan when a hold is triggered. Take the recent case surrounding Volkswagen (VW). In a nutshell, VW in-house attorneys tipped off employees about an upcoming litigation hold. One in-house counsel apparently indicated to employees that they should destroy certain documents and a hard drive that pertained to VW’s emissions cheating issues.

In light of the impending litigation hold, 30 to 40 employees were told that emissions-related data should be kept on USB drives and put on the company’s computer system “only if necessary.” Thousands of documents were deleted, but many were later recovered during the investigation. The not-so-elaborate cover-up finally broke down when a VW employee admitted it to regulators. Six current and former employees—one top compliance officer and five department heads in product development and engineering—were indicted.

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