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Jaguar Land Rover (Presentation at LegalWeek)

Innovation in the Legal Department: A Case Study in People, Process and Technology at Jaguar Land Rover

Anna-Lisa Corrales, U.S. General Counsel for Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) and Cole Morgan, Vice President of Professional Services for Onit will be discussing the implementation of enterprise legal management (ELM) and the subsequent transformation of JLR’s legal department. Many legal departments spend endless hours on day-to-day tasks that could be handled in seconds with the right enterprise legal management solution. JLR’s story reflects this common dilemma that haunts many legal departments, and how they ultimately solved it.

Anna-Lisa will discuss her partnership with Onit, and how they drove change in the legal department with process efficiencies and technology to better manage legal operations and legal spend. Topics of discussion will include:

  • Reasons why JLR needed a premier ELM solution, and why Onit was their partner of choice
  • Their successful partnership with Onit in building, testing and deploying e-billing and matter management technology
  • How they effectively leveraged IT business partners “early” in the process to realize their implementation goals
  • Early results from gaining visibility into their legal spend (i.e. operational and financial results)
  • Lessons learned from the selection and implementation process
  • Success: The transformation to finally being able to do more legal work than billing and matter management


  • Anna-Lisa Corrales, U.S. General Counsel for Jaguar Land Rover
  • Cole Morgan, VP of Professional Services, Onit


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