TIAA (Presentation at CLOC Institute)

Process and Technology: Transforming A Law Department to Achieve Legal Department Efficiency

Innovative new technologies, capable and efficient legal services partners, lean staff, brutal economic forces, and macro changes in legal operating models are changing how today’s legal teams operate. TIAA recognized that there is a revolution underway in the legal industry and saw an opportunity to transform their legal department to drive up value while more effectively deploying both budget and talent.

Modernizing systems, tools and processes, plus future-proofing talent is the path to the future for law offices and the path TIAA is on. TIAA is leveraging this opportunity to rethink, streamline and measure their activities and processes to optimize workloads, costs, resource mix, outside counsel use, and more. Moreover, they want to manage their legal business with insightful, relevant data in dashboards. As a result, TIAA Legal has embarked on a transformation journey that leverages best-in-class technologies, onshore and offshore partners, and innovation to bring together an efficient resource mix that will enable the highest and best use of each law professional’s time.

In this session, you will learn how TIAA is solving this challenge to optimize legal services delivery to a Fortune 100 company with millions in legal spend. Brad Rogers, Chief Operating Officer and Chief of Staff for TIAA Law, will discuss the importance of bringing together law department employees and vendor partners from across the world and how a comprehensive technology platform with capabilities rooted in process, workflow and collaboration is changing the way they run their legal business and support their corporate clients. Brad will also share lessons learned from the selection and implementation process as well as early results from their outside counsel convergence program.


  • Brad Rogers, Chief Operations Officer and Chief of Staff for Law, Compliance, Government & Regulatory Affairs, and Corporate Secretary, TIAA


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