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The Gifts & Business Entertainment App provides robust workflows and automation on all gift and business entertainment requests company-wide to improve compliance with relevant policies.

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A request can be submitted by anyone in the business where it can move through multiple layers of review and approval workflow.

The requests follow a question-based intake to ensure the requester is submitting the proper request type. It also support requests for gifting and business entertainment of government officials to ensure compliance requirements are upheld.


1. The App helps employees stay compliant with gift and business entertainment laws and regulations and enables employees to report gifts and hospitality given or received to compliance.

2. Offers of gifts or entertainment between companies and their customer, suppliers, and other business partners may be an acceptable part of doing busines and a way to build goodwill. Providing or accepting occasional meals, small logoed giveaways, and tickets to sporting and cultural events may be appropriate in certain circumstances. However, if offers of gifts or entertainment are frequent or of substantial value, they may create an actual or perceived conflict of interest. This Gifts & Business Entertainment App provides guidelines to assist employees in making appropriate gift giving and receiving decisions.

3. When your employees must obtain approval before accepting any gifts or hosting events, this App routes requests to approvers (based on employee location). When you need to survey your employees when they are working with government officials or corporate entities, the App gives them guidance and helps them make good decisions when working with the government and other entities.

Technical Requirements

Compatible with
Apptitude Platform Standalone or Integrated
Accelerator Simple
Onit Build No User Limits
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App Count: 1
Suite Count: 1
Apptitude Platform Unlimited
Other Requirements Onit Innovation Lab Membership
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Additional Information
  • Package Name: Gifts & Business Entertainment
  • Release Date: 01/01/2022
  • Latest Release: 01/01/2022
  • Languages: English
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