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This Mentorship & Career Development App helps bridge the gap in traditional employee development solutions.



This App helps you create a more formal way of linking mentors to mentees and tracking opportunities for career development, both inside and outside of an employee’s current role within an organization.


1. This Mentorship & Career Development App enables your company to implement a multi-level mentorship program within a company to facilitate and support matching of mentors and mentees and record mentorship experiences and outcomes. Use this App to match mentors and mentees together for business development. Then, have them upload their time spent together, mentoring subjects and progress.

2. Your Human Resources department can monitor and oversee the program through the App, by approving each request, and assigning mentors to mentees and vice versa.

Technical Requirements

Compatible with
Apptitude Platform Standalone or Integrated
Accelerator Moderate
Client Co-build No User Limits
Package Contents
App Count: 9
Suite Count: 1
Apptitude Platform Unlimited
Other Requirements Onit Innovation Lab Membership
App Contacts
Onit Innovation Lab Team
Additional Information
  • Package Name: Mentorship & Career Development
  • Release Date: 01/01/2022
  • Latest Release: 01/01/2022
  • Languages: English
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