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Trademark/Logo Use Requests

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This App allows the request, review & approval of trademark and logo usage.



Simply and easily route trademark and logo usage requests for approval and tracking.


1. Most companies trademark their company logos and designs. Businesses are protective of unauthorized logo and trademark use. If someone wants to use the business’ logo or trademark, the requestor must ask for permission to use it. The requestor asks for an agreement for use of the logo/name on a website if the requestor wants to advertise or sell a logoed product or provide a trademarked service.

2. In these situations, the two parties need written permission to use the logo agreement. When permission is granted, the agreement must be tracked. This App enables teams to submit trademark and logo use requests and routes these requests through the process for approval and tracking.

Technical Requirements

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Apptitude Platform Standalone or Integrated
Accelerator Simple
Onit Build No User Limits
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Apptitude Platform Enterprise
Other Requirements Onit Innovation Lab Membership
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Additional Information
  • Package Name: Trademark/Logo Use Requests
  • Release Date: 01/01/2022
  • Latest Release: 01/01/2022
  • Languages: English
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