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Vendor & Law Firm Diversity Tracking

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The Vendor & Law Firm Diversity Tracking App helps in-house legal departments gather diversity stats from law firms and vendors to ensure they are compliant with any corporate policies and/or diversity goals.



Many companies need to measure the success rate of their diversity and inclusion implementations. Knowing which strategies to implement can be daunting, as can figuring which organizational actions are effective.

Companies wish to implement an approach that is specifically and uniquely tailored to their unique diversity initiatives.


1. This App enables companies to follow the success of their programs over time and to communicate their success to stakeholders and executives. Use this App to document goals and success metrics; set and track long-term goal results over time; visualize the success achieved through the line graph provided; and communicate the success of the project to stakeholders.

2. This App can also aid in your diversity and inclusion analysis and monitoring relating to the following areas – talent acquisition, performance management, leadership development, and workplace culture.

Technical Requirements

Compatible with
Apptitude Platform Standalone or Integrated
Accelerator Moderate
Client Co-build No User Limits
Package Contents
App Count: 3
Suite Count: 1
Apptitude Platform Unlimited
Other Requirements Onit Innovation Lab Membership
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Onit Innovation Lab Team
Additional Information
  • Package Name: Vendor & Law Firm Diversity Tracking
  • Release Date: 01/01/2022
  • Latest Release: 01/01/2022
  • Languages: English
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