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It’s Time Your Legal Department Evolves

The End of an Era

Using the proper tool for the job is fundamental to working efficiently. As tools continue to evolve, smart businesses that can quickly adapt hold a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Would you use flint and steel to light a candle when a match is so much more efficient?

Would you use email to track contract changes, receive approvals, and manage overall workflow? What if you had Smart Business Process Apps that could centralize contract activity, maintain version control, and provide real-time insight for all stakeholders?

As transaction volumes increase and demand for faster turnaround times from businesses becomes the norm, tools such as Outlook, Excel, Word and SharePoint do not have the capabilities to perform well.

This eBook acts as your first step towards evolving beyond email and spreadsheets to manage your legal department. Come see how Smart Business Process Apps are streamlining routine legal tasks and reducing processing time for forward-thinking companies.

This eBook will address:

  • Why traditional tools used for contract intake are inefficient
  • Why the demand for faster turnaround requires businesses to reevaluate their tools
  • How corporate law departments are reinventing the way they approach contract review
  • Why Apps are crossing from the consumer world into the business environment
  • How Apps streamline contract management lifecycle, reduce processing time and simplify administration requirements

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