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Matter and Spend Are Just the Beginning

A Guide to the Enterprise Legal Management Paradigm Shift

As most legal department’s workload increases and resources diminish, it’s no surprise that running an efficient legal department is challenging. Old processes tracked on Excel spreadsheets or rudimentary databases will no longer cut it. Many legal departments find themselves struggling under the weight of legacy technologies that simply do not work or are expensive to upgrade.

It’s time to innovate.

Download this new eBook to see how ELM solutions are positively impacting corporate legal departments like Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), The Home Depot and Under Armour.

Our eBook offers the following insights:

  • Why ELM is more than just legal e-billing and spend management and “should” include contract management, legal holds, NDA creation, legal service requests, etc.
  • Why “process automation” and collaboration is critical for performance.
  • Cues from the industry, market trends and Gartner’s predictions.
  • The new technology curve and future of legal operations technology.

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