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Learn Why Corporate Legal Departments Are Evolving Beyond Systems of Record

Modern law departments have an overwhelming amount of data to track, record and manage. From contracts, to matters, to invoices the work of updating and maintaining all this information is a full-time job. While most of this data is tracked in a central repository – a ‘system of record’ – the records themselves are often disconnected from the larger strategic priorities you are trying to accomplish and get in the way of actual work.

Enterprise software systems are often used to capture and store information but are built with very little collaboration or workflow capabilities.

This leaves a significant amount of work and process to be executed outside these systems. For instance:

  • Email becomes the ‘collaboration’ platform
  • Word documents act as ‘forms’ solution
  • Excel spreadsheets track and report progress
  • SharePoint acts as a document repository

As workloads increase and processes become more complex, systems of record are not able to keep up. Read our whitepaper now to find out why companies are transitioning to systems of engagement to keep their business running smoothly.

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