It’s time to envision the future of legal, where Legal is the protector of your business and a transformational change agent driving business results across the enterprise.

At Envision, you’ll get a front-row seat to the next generation of innovation in legal technology. Explore anecdotes for success with your peers and hear real-life perspectives from Onit customers, partners, and product experts during intimate roundtable sessions and insightful keynote presentations.

Join us and uncover Legal’s untapped potential to:

  • Evolve its role in materially influencing growth, from elevating sales and revenue generation to transforming operational and cost efficiency.
  • Positively impact the business by increasing revenue and improving sales negotiations with greater automation.
  • Unleash the power of data and market intelligence to make better, more strategic decisions about managing matters, spend, and vendors.

Spark a revolution of evolution in your legal department. Envision it.


Meet us at a future Envision!

London, United Kingdom
November 15, 2022
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New York, NY, USA
November 2, 2022
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Chicago, IL, USA
June 21, 2022


Lunch + Demos

Corporate Legal’s Reputation in the Eyes of Internal Clients and Its Opportunity to Materially Impact Enterprise Growth, Topline Revenue, and Bottom Line Efficiency

Evolving Expectations About Legal’s Business Impact: New Approaches That Connect Legal to the Enterprise Through Better Partnering and Workflows That Matter

The Roadmap That Makes Legal Work Flow Faster and Smarter: The Next Generation of Automated, AI-driven ELM And CLM Solutions

Session A — Connecting the Enterprise Through Data

Session B — Top Challenges Solved by SimpleLegal’s Enhanced Reporting

Session A — Rightsizing Contract Management

Session B — Using Market Intelligence to Improve Business Outcomes

Evening Reception
Networking Reception