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Making Contracting Easier For Legal

Outdated contracting processes can frustrate corporate counsel and their clients alike. When counsel relies on tools such as Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and SharePoint as their contract management suite, it leads to a lack of transparency and a lag in response times.

Drafting, review and approval workflows come to a standstill as emails fly back and forth between stakeholders desperately trying to determine the status of their contracts. 

Our new white paper, "Making Contracting Easier for Legal," co-authored with Consilio, explores the following:

  • How having the right workflows can speed up the contract creation and review process 
  • The problems associated with using outdated and cumbersome contract management tools
  • Why legal teams need a better collaboration tool to coordinate with procurement, sales and other departments, regardless of their location or the complexity of their agreements 

Download the White Paper