Legal Department Operations

Onit legal Apps evolve with your business needs. Whether you are looking to simplify your contract management process, implement a self-serve NDA solution, or build the most full-featured e-billing or matter management system, Onit Apps are easy to create and implement. How easy? We’ve configured Apps in less than 30 minutes and helped customers get up and running faster than they could sign a contract. Start with one App and build others as needed.

Key Apps

Alternative Fee Arrangements

The Onit AFA Submission & Approval App lets you easily track and manage AFAs from the intake process through approval.

Board Kit Distribution

The Onit Board Kit Distribution App lets you centralize all information, notify members of new or revised documents and access to the most current information.

Board Resolution Repository

The Onit Board Kit Distribution App lets you centralize all information, notify members of new or revised documents and access to the most current information.

Collaborative Budgeting

The Onit Board Kit Distribution App lets you centralize all information, notify members of new or revised documents and access to the most current information.

Contract Administration

The Onit Contract Administration App lets you quickly manage contracts and business documents in one central location.

Contract Review & Approval

The Onit Contract Review & Approval App simplifies the submission, review, approval and management of contracts in one easy to use tool.


The Onit E-billing App allows third parties such as law firms and other vendors to submit invoices securely to the corporate legal department for review and payment.

Ethics Violations

The Onit Ethics Violation App automates the process by bringing your ethics cases together in one place so your team can collaborate.

Invoice Payment & Approval

The Onit Invoice Payment & Approval App lets you keep track of all your vendor invoices and payments.

IP Infringement App

The Onit IP Infringement App lets you organize your IP portfolio in one easily accessible location and gives you more visibility so you can make smarter IP decisions.

Legal Holds

The Onit Legal Hold App helps legal departments notify custodians of their duty to preserve information in a timely manner and guarantee compliance.

Legal Process Outsourcing

The Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) App gives you visibility into all outsourced work, ensuring high standards of quality and timely turnaround.

Legal Project Management

The Onit Legal Project Management App includes task, milestone management, resource management, and our differentiator: spend management.

Legal Service Requests

The Onit Legal Service Request App simplifies the intake process and provides a simple portal so business users can interact with the legal department.

Matter Intake

The Onit Matter Intake App simplifies the matter intake process to a single form, making it easier to streamline workflow and reduce unnecessary information.

Matter Management

The Onit Matter Management App gives you clarity about your overall matter portfolio so you can make informed, strategic business decisions.

NDA Request

The Onit NDA App allows you to build custom components and execute NDAs tailored to your specific business needs.

Onit App Builder

Onit App Builder is a powerful platform that combines business process management, collaboration and transaction management functionality into one innovative tool.

Power of Attorney

The Power of Attorney App ensures the POA designations are current and accurate so that authorizations reflect appropriate business policies and guidelines.

Quote Approval

The Onit Quote Approval App gives you the tools to determine the time, materials, and any other costs, so you can provide a fair quote for customers.


The Onit Whistleblower App lets you customize the forms and information you need to investigate any alleged dishonest activities brought to you by employees.


Business Process Visibility

Onit legal Apps combine collaboration, workflow and data management into an easy-to-use tool that lets your legal and business teams get their work done faster and more efficiently. Everyone gains transparency into the business process and has access to tracking, reporting and management dashboards.

Fast Deployment

Driving efficiency and productivity is instrumental for the legal department to be successful. Onit legal Apps can be quickly setup and deployed in hours and days — not months and years.

Flexible & Iterative

Onit legal Apps are designed to be flexible. We understand that legal and business processes can change frequently and sometimes without much advance notice. Onit legal Apps are easy to update to meet your evolving business needs.

Team Collaboration

Onit legal Apps support collaboration and communication, allowing for up-to-the-minute communication with project stakeholders. Ongoing notifications help business teams “stay in the loop” on important board matters — allowing for a greater sense of transparency and accountability.