Onit App Catalog

Employee Incident

This App provides a secure intake mechanism allowing employees to report incidents. Both named and anonymous reporting is fully supported.

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Gifts & Business Entertainment

This App provides robust workflows and automation on all gift and business entertainment requests company-wide to improve compliance with relevant policies.

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Incidents & Investigations

This App provides a robust workflow to request, manage and track incidents and investigations end to end

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Invention Disclosure

This App captures inventions created within your organization that may create intellectual property rights.

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Mentorship & Career Development

This App creates a more formal method of linking mentors to mentees and tracks opportunities for career development, both inside and outside of an employee’s current role within an organization.

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Trademark/Logo Use Requests

This App allows the request, review & approval of trademark and logo usage.

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Vendor Law Firm Diversity Tracking

This App helps internal teams gather diversity stats from law firms and vendors to track and manage compliance with corporate policies and/or diversity goals.

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This App is an anonymous intake of any alleged activities brought to you by employees. Organize, assess and manage whistleblower allegations in a secure, centralized, workflow-driven solution.

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Board Approval

This App tracks and manages internal Board of Directors appointments and approval workflows.

Board Kit Distribution

This App centralizes Board of Director information and lets you notify board members of new or revised documents while giving them access to the most current information.

Board Resolution Repository

This App is a robust database where you can store, organize, and provide real-time access to your entire resolution history.

Brand Management

This App orchestrates the global request, approval, and oversight of a new promotion. It can also leverage existing promotion or coupon templates and can include feeds from product databases.

Compliance Questionnaires

This App creates and distributes questionnaires for various compliance-tracking needs. Non-model answers can be logged and reviewed if needed and the App keeps tabs on the number of completed and pending questionnaires.

COVID-19 Self-Declaration

This App enables an end-to-end workflow and automation solution to support COVID-19 self-declaration, health and safety requirements, any available HR benefits and ideal return-to-work timeframes.

Data Privacy Breach Incident Tracking

This App allows companies to effectively monitor user data breach incidents and oversee the related tasks required to remediate each event.

Directors’ Stock Election Unit Form

This App assists with distributing, collecting and tracking annual Board of Director’s instructions for their stock options.


This App tracks and manages internal Board of Directors appointments and approval workflows.

Early Case Assessment

This App automates the collection of key case related details to ensure matters are handled cost effectively and expeditiously.

Employee Administration

This App manages the administration of your employees so you can keep track of hire dates, promotions and employee awards and recognition.

Employee Directory

This App helps log employee information and offers a workflow for creating employee records containing biographical information about each employee and their position/title information.

Employee Exit

This App orchestrates the required stakeholders and tasks when an employee departs the organization to ensure exit interviews, recovery of digital and physical assets and/or other critical tasks are carried out in a timely and organized manner.

Employee Onboarding

This App orchestrates the required stakeholders and tasks when onboarding a new employee into the organization including a complete 30, 60, and 90-day framework.

Employee Performance Reviews

This App provides a framework for conducting and maintaining employee performance reviews on a desired cadence, including generating the completed performance review document(s), from a stored template for execution and filing.

Ethics Violations

This App provides intake and oversight for ethics violations bringing all your ethics cases together in one place so your team can oversee, collaborate and manage appropriately.

Incident Reporting

This App allows employees to submit incident reports.

Internal Investigations

This App traces internal allegations end to end and creates capture points for intake, which the internal investigation team can then group together.

IP Infringement

This App provides intake for any perceived infringement of your organization’s IP. Collect, assess and manage all your IP infringement investigations.

Micro Matters

This App allows users to create a “lite” matter record with limited fields for projects and work that do not rise to the level of a full matter (e.g., no outside counsel spend).

Patent Management

This App tracks patents and patent related data and connects them to matters.

Power of Attorney Agreements

This App handles the approval and management of power of attorney contracts used when a company needs to act on behalf of an employee. It can be integrated into an automated HR feed that allows users to designate other employees in the system as their POA.

PTO Request, Approval & Tracking

This App allows employees to request PTO, routes the request to the designated approver(s) and provides a running total of PTO days used and days available.

Return to Work Assessment

This App solicits desired return-to-work information from employees to better predict and manage office capacity during a pandemic.

Service of Process (SOP)

This App automatically logs electronic subpoenas and court summons from CSC and CT directly into Onit, where automation, workflows and notifications are triggered.

Settlement Authority Request & Approval

This App provides a workflow for approving documents that detail settlement authority requests.

Task Assignment

This App handles task assignments made to non-departmental resources.

Task Quality Review Program

This App surveys key stakeholders to understand the quality of completed tasks or work assignments by support staff, contractors and/or offshore resources.

Trade Secrets Access Management

This App maintains accurate records of who has access to which trade secrets (or components of trade secrets) within an organization to ensure security and streamlines the process of securing them upon an employee’s departure.

Trademark Renewals

The App provides visiblilty into your trademark renewal decision making process and automates key communications and reminders involved with gathering decisions.

Account Management Playbook

This Apps helps account managers and sales reps strengthen relationships with customers by providing the right content at the right time – serving up appropriate content, case studies, videos, or datasheets at various stages of the engagement.

AFE (Application for Expenditure)

This App handles the approval of expenditures, including tracking for costs and benefits over time.

Anonymous Multi Language Risk Assessment Questionnaire

This App lets users send out anonymous risk assessment surveys in any language and gather anonymous responses to questions regarding corruption and other compliance risks.

Asbestos Payouts Workflow

This App keeps track of asbestos settlement payouts from complex multi-party litigation.

Balance Sheet Review

This App runs a quarterly review of a company's balance sheet for various businesses. Balance sheets are circulated, reviewed and approved worldwide.

Claims Risk Tracking – Product Related Claims

This App allow users to submit specialty claims about a product for review and approval, then notifies and prompts multiple interested parties/business segments to review the claim for accuracy.

Collaborative Budgeting App

This App automates the request and collection of budget information from internal and external stakeholders, mitigating your need to manage through emails and spreadsheets.

Commercial Deal Review Action Closures

This App logs, tracks and oversees the required actions of commercial deals.

Compliance Training Management

This App documents all internal compliance training sessions and corresponding details for analysis and reporting.

Customer Engagement Portal

This App provides customers with self-service access to data, files, and timelines relevant to the engagement with your business.

Customer Intelligence

This Apps provides a one-stop shop for all sales, financial and operational data on current customers.

Deal Risk Rating

This App helps solicit risk ratings on deal matters from law firms.

Delegation of Authority

This App facilitates the request authorization of another party to execute documents on behalf of the business.

End User Warranty Claims

This App monitors the status of warranty claims.

External Vendor Approval

This App intakes and manages requests to engage with external vendors.

Fund Allocations

This App provides a workflow for tracking invoices to be paid by a fund (e.g., Bank X, Money Market Fund, ContraFund) rather than a traditional legal entity.

Fund Management

This App oversees the asset transfer between receiving and contributing entities within the company and includes various steps that are approved through eSignature workflows.

IT Access Request

This App intakes, tracks and handles employee requests for access to company systems.

Law Firm / Vendor Review & Approval

This App creates a process for requesting non-panel law firms/vendors to work on a matter.

Legal Helpline

This App logs and directs incoming call requests for legal assistance.

Legal Library Research Request

This App engages your in-house legal librarian to dynamically provide requested research pertaining to legal matters.

Legal Process Outsourcing

This App gives you visibility into all your outsourced legal work, ensuring high standards of quality and timely turnaround.

Legal Signature Request

This App runs the approval and execution process for documents moving through apostilization and/or legalization.

Litigation Reserve Reporting

This Apps collects and reports reserve dollar amounts for matters in litigation.

Marketing Challenge

This App treats advertisement / marketing challenges as prospect matters, including claims by a government of false ads or claims against a competitor for misappropriation. Offensive and defensive challenges can be entered by any employee. The App assigns reviewers to determine if a marketing challenge should become a matter.

Mergers & Acquisitions Management

This App monitors and records the status of M&A activity for an organization.

PO Request

This App facilitates request and payment approval for purchase orders.

Policy Exception Requests

This App orchestrates the request and approval around policy exceptions dealing with a variety of policy governed events, such as capital expenditure, business entertainment and travel.

Political Action Committee Workflow

This App provides a system-managed process for tracking and maintaining political contributions from executives.

Power of Attorney Appointments Change

This App initiates and manages workflow between key stakeholders when a request to change a power of attorney occurs.

Quote Approval

This App communicates the time, materials, and other necessary costs so you can quickly create a customer or prospect quote, obtain internal approvals and track all your quote activity.

Relationship Termination

This App tracks and manages due diligence tasks when terminating a relationship with a partner.

Services Project Oversight

This App lets you take control of complex projects with multiple team members across the organization.

Shared Service Support Request

This App logs and handles employee requests for cross-functional shared services.

Survey Requests

This App intakes, manages and tracks incoming requests for various types of surveys used throughout the organization.

Technology Governance & Control Functions Survey

This App generates, deploys and collects completed surveys to intake governance/control information, such as policy conformance to INFOSEC training.

Termination / Non-renewal of Distributor and Agent

This App enables termination or non-renewal of a distributor/agent/sales representative.

Terms & Conditions

This App helps with notifications and acknowledgments to outside counsel regarding terms and conditions.

Third Party Software Review

This App conducts and monitors the review and approval of requests to use third-party software solutions, and also generates the required forms directly within Onit to support international requests through work council review and approvals.

TPA Oversight & Remediation

This App facilitates third-party administrator issue escalation and remediation.

Trade Association Approval & Management

This App manages a corporation’s international and national trade association memberships.

Tread Report

This regulatory App supports federally mandated reporting relating to automobile accidents involving product/tire failure.

Trip Report

This App is a quick and easy way for your sales reps or account managers to keep track of their customer and prospect visits.

User Access Request Form

This App intakes and handles new user provisioning for existing company software solutions.

Value Added Services Tracker

This App tracks law firm-provided value-added services (training, rebates, discounts).

Vendor Search & Feedback

This App allows users to input feedback on a vendor's work, and channels that feedback to an App that allows users to search a database of vendors by name or specialty to see the average satisfaction rating for each vendor.

Vendor Security Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)

This App handles requests for a third-party legal vendor to submit an SAQ to ensure that the vendor has appropriate data and system security safeguards in place.

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