Risk & Compliance Apps

Risk Apps to Address Compliance & Privacy

Compliance with internal and government guidelines is a necessity. However, the processes that support it are often time-consuming and manual. Reduce risks and streamline compliance information gathering and reporting with Onit Apps. Browse through our selection of apps to deal with ethics violations, internal investigations, and more.

Employee Incident

This App provides a secure intake mechanism allowing employees to report incidents. Both named and anonymous reporting is fully supported.

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Gifts & Business Entertainment

This App provides robust workflows and automation on all gift and business entertainment requests company-wide to improve compliance with relevant policies.

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Incidents & Investigations

This App provides a robust workflow to request, manage and track incidents and investigations end to end

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Vendor Law Firm Diversity Tracking

This App helps internal teams gather diversity stats from law firms and vendors to track and manage compliance with corporate policies and/or diversity goals.

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This App is an anonymous intake of any alleged activities brought to you by employees. Organize, assess and manage whistleblower allegations in a secure, centralized, workflow-driven solution.

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Compliance Questionnaires

This App creates and distributes questionnaires for various compliance-tracking needs. Non-model answers can be logged and reviewed if needed and the App keeps tabs on the number of completed and pending questionnaires.

Data Privacy Breach Incident Tracking

This App allows companies to effectively monitor user data breach incidents and oversee the related tasks required to remediate each event.

Directors’ Stock Election Unit Form

This App assists with distributing, collecting and tracking annual Board of Director’s instructions for their stock options.

Ethics Violations

This App provides intake and oversight for ethics violations bringing all your ethics cases together in one place so your team can oversee, collaborate and manage appropriately.

Internal Investigations

This App traces internal allegations end to end and creates capture points for intake, which the internal investigation team can then group together.

IP Infringement

This App provides intake for any perceived infringement of your organization’s IP. Collect, assess and manage all your IP infringement investigations.

Power of Attorney Agreements

This App handles the approval and management of power of attorney contracts used when a company needs to act on behalf of an employee. It can be integrated into an automated HR feed that allows users to designate other employees in the system as their POA.

Anonymous Multi Language Risk Assessment Questionnaire

This App lets users send out anonymous risk assessment surveys in any language and gather anonymous responses to questions regarding corruption and other compliance risks.

Claims Risk Tracking – Product Related Claims

This App allow users to submit specialty claims about a product for review and approval, then notifies and prompts multiple interested parties/business segments to review the claim for accuracy.

Compliance Training Management

This App documents all internal compliance training sessions and corresponding details for analysis and reporting.

Deal Risk Rating

This App helps solicit risk ratings on deal matters from law firms.

External Vendor Approval

This App intakes and manages requests to engage with external vendors.

Legal Process Outsourcing

This App gives you visibility into all your outsourced legal work, ensuring high standards of quality and timely turnaround.

Policy Exception Requests

This App orchestrates the request and approval around policy exceptions dealing with a variety of policy governed events, such as capital expenditure, business entertainment and travel.

Political Action Committee Workflow

This App provides a system-managed process for tracking and maintaining political contributions from executives.

Power of Attorney Appointments Change

This App initiates and manages workflow between key stakeholders when a request to change a power of attorney occurs.

Technology Governance & Control Functions Survey

This App generates, deploys and collects completed surveys to intake governance/control information, such as policy conformance to INFOSEC training.

Third Party Software Review

This App conducts and monitors the review and approval of requests to use third-party software solutions, and also generates the required forms directly within Onit to support international requests through work council review and approvals.

Tread Report

This regulatory App supports federally mandated reporting relating to automobile accidents involving product/tire failure.

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