Enterprise Operations Apps

Enterprise Apps for Operations & Planning

Increase information gathering, collaboration and the overall efficiency and health of your enterprise with user-friendly Onit Apps. These enterprise apps assist in managing the daily activities of the business such as planning, budgets, goals, and other business objectives.

Board Approval

This App tracks and manages internal Board of Directors appointments and approval workflows.

Board Kit Distribution

This App centralizes Board of Director information and lets you notify board members of new or revised documents while giving them access to the most current information.

Board Resolution Repository

This App is a robust database where you can store, organize, and provide real-time access to your entire resolution history.

Customer Intelligence

This Apps provides a one-stop shop for all sales, financial and operational data on current customers.

External Vendor Approval

This App intakes and manages requests to engage with external vendors.

PO Request

This App facilitates request and payment approval for purchase orders.

Quote Approval

This App communicates the time, materials, and other necessary costs so you can quickly create a customer or prospect quote, obtain internal approvals and track all your quote activity.

Services Project Oversight

This App lets you take control of complex projects with multiple team members across the organization.

Value Added Services Tracker

This App tracks law firm-provided value-added services (training, rebates, discounts).

Vendor Search & Feedback

This App allows users to input feedback on a vendor's work, and channels that feedback to an App that allows users to search a database of vendors by name or specialty to see the average satisfaction rating for each vendor.

Vendor Security Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)

This App handles requests for a third-party legal vendor to submit an SAQ to ensure that the vendor has appropriate data and system security safeguards in place.

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