General & Administrative Apps

Administrative Apps to Save Time on General & Admin Tasks

Bypass time-consuming manual processes with Onit Apps that do everything from tracking value to automating security assessments. Get organized and increase productivity with these apps that perform your admin tasks and procedures.

Mentorship & Career Development

This App creates a more formal method of linking mentors to mentees and tracks opportunities for career development, both inside and outside of an employee’s current role within an organization.

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Board Kit Distribution

This App centralizes Board of Director information and lets you notify board members of new or revised documents while giving them access to the most current information.

Board Resolution Repository

This App is a robust database where you can store, organize, and provide real-time access to your entire resolution history.

Power of Attorney Agreements

This App handles the approval and management of power of attorney contracts used when a company needs to act on behalf of an employee. It can be integrated into an automated HR feed that allows users to designate other employees in the system as their POA.

Account Management Playbook

This Apps helps account managers and sales reps strengthen relationships with customers by providing the right content at the right time – serving up appropriate content, case studies, videos, or datasheets at various stages of the engagement.

Customer Engagement Portal

This App provides customers with self-service access to data, files, and timelines relevant to the engagement with your business.

Customer Intelligence

This Apps provides a one-stop shop for all sales, financial and operational data on current customers.

IT Access Request

This App intakes, tracks and handles employee requests for access to company systems.

Legal Process Outsourcing

This App gives you visibility into all your outsourced legal work, ensuring high standards of quality and timely turnaround.

PO Request

This App facilitates request and payment approval for purchase orders.

Power of Attorney Appointments Change

This App initiates and manages workflow between key stakeholders when a request to change a power of attorney occurs.

Quote Approval

This App communicates the time, materials, and other necessary costs so you can quickly create a customer or prospect quote, obtain internal approvals and track all your quote activity.

Services Project Oversight

This App lets you take control of complex projects with multiple team members across the organization.

Survey Requests

This App intakes, manages and tracks incoming requests for various types of surveys used throughout the organization.

Trip Report

This App is a quick and easy way for your sales reps or account managers to keep track of their customer and prospect visits.

Value Added Services Tracker

This App tracks law firm-provided value-added services (training, rebates, discounts).

Vendor Search & Feedback

This App allows users to input feedback on a vendor's work, and channels that feedback to an App that allows users to search a database of vendors by name or specialty to see the average satisfaction rating for each vendor.

Vendor Security Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)

This App handles requests for a third-party legal vendor to submit an SAQ to ensure that the vendor has appropriate data and system security safeguards in place.

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