Human Resources Apps

HR Apps for Onboarding, Training, and Reporting

Employees represent one of the most valuable assets companies have. Rely on Onit Apps to make it easier to onboard employees, provide training, enhance reporting, and more. In addition, keep track of employee hire dates, accomplishments, and expenditures.

Employee Incident

This App provides a secure intake mechanism allowing employees to report incidents. Both named and anonymous reporting is fully supported.

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Incidents & Investigations

This App provides a robust workflow to request, manage and track incidents and investigations end to end

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Mentorship & Career Development

This App creates a more formal method of linking mentors to mentees and tracks opportunities for career development, both inside and outside of an employee’s current role within an organization.

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COVID-19 Self-Declaration

This App enables an end-to-end workflow and automation solution to support COVID-19 self-declaration, health and safety requirements, any available HR benefits and ideal return-to-work timeframes.

Employee Administration

This App manages the administration of your employees so you can keep track of hire dates, promotions and employee awards and recognition.

Employee Directory

This App helps log employee information and offers a workflow for creating employee records containing biographical information about each employee and their position/title information.

Employee Exit

This App orchestrates the required stakeholders and tasks when an employee departs the organization to ensure exit interviews, recovery of digital and physical assets and/or other critical tasks are carried out in a timely and organized manner.

Employee Onboarding

This App orchestrates the required stakeholders and tasks when onboarding a new employee into the organization including a complete 30, 60, and 90-day framework.

Employee Performance Reviews

This App provides a framework for conducting and maintaining employee performance reviews on a desired cadence, including generating the completed performance review document(s), from a stored template for execution and filing.

Incident Reporting

This App allows employees to submit incident reports.

PTO Request, Approval & Tracking

This App allows employees to request PTO, routes the request to the designated approver(s) and provides a running total of PTO days used and days available.

Return to Work Assessment

This App solicits desired return-to-work information from employees to better predict and manage office capacity during a pandemic.

Task Quality Review Program

This App surveys key stakeholders to understand the quality of completed tasks or work assignments by support staff, contractors and/or offshore resources.

Policy Exception Requests

This App orchestrates the request and approval around policy exceptions dealing with a variety of policy governed events, such as capital expenditure, business entertainment and travel.

Trip Report

This App is a quick and easy way for your sales reps or account managers to keep track of their customer and prospect visits.

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