IT Apps

IT Management Apps

Each day, IT management and support teams ensure that all employees have access to the technology they need to make the company successful. Onit Apps can help and assist the IT department by streamlining and automating requests and work orders.

IT Access Request

This App intakes, tracks and handles employee requests for access to company systems.

Services Project Oversight

This App lets you take control of complex projects with multiple team members across the organization.

Shared Service Support Request

This App logs and handles employee requests for cross-functional shared services.

Third Party Software Review

This App conducts and monitors the review and approval of requests to use third-party software solutions, and also generates the required forms directly within Onit to support international requests through work council review and approvals.

User Access Request Form

This App intakes and handles new user provisioning for existing company software solutions.

Vendor Security Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)

This App handles requests for a third-party legal vendor to submit an SAQ to ensure that the vendor has appropriate data and system security safeguards in place.

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