Marketing & IP Apps

Marketing & Intellectual Property Apps

Whether you’re addressing marketing challenges or managing patents, Onit Apps help you protect your company’s intellectual capital and reduce company risk. Maintain accurate records and gain more visibility into brand and business decisions.

Invention Disclosure

This App captures inventions created within your organization that may create intellectual property rights.

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Trademark/Logo Use Requests

This App allows the request, review & approval of trademark and logo usage.

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Brand Management

This App orchestrates the global request, approval, and oversight of a new promotion. It can also leverage existing promotion or coupon templates and can include feeds from product databases.

IP Infringement

This App provides intake for any perceived infringement of your organization’s IP. Collect, assess and manage all your IP infringement investigations.

Patent Management

This App tracks patents and patent related data and connects them to matters.

Trade Secrets Access Management

This App maintains accurate records of who has access to which trade secrets (or components of trade secrets) within an organization to ensure security and streamlines the process of securing them upon an employee’s departure.

Trademark Renewals

The App provides visiblilty into your trademark renewal decision making process and automates key communications and reminders involved with gathering decisions.

Marketing Challenge

This App treats advertisement / marketing challenges as prospect matters, including claims by a government of false ads or claims against a competitor for misappropriation. Offensive and defensive challenges can be entered by any employee. The App assigns reviewers to determine if a marketing challenge should become a matter.

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