Onit ELM Conversion Bridge

Your Bridge to Innovation: Build a Smooth Path with Fixed Pricing, Scope and Financing for Enterprise Legal Management

If you are stuck with an enterprise legal management system that doesn’t meet your needs due to budget constraints or new implementation hesitancy, Onit has a program for you! Our ELM conversion bridge will let you join our growing community of legal departments that have made the leap from a legacy ELM system that your team has stopped using to a solution that is collaborative, innovative and built on a flexible process and workflow automation platform.

A Better ELM Journey

This new program not only gives legal teams an alternative to their existing ELM system but also includes a well-defined project scope, discounted pricing, a sample project plan, timeline and fixed budgetary estimates for both the implementation and license fees. Best of all, we will work with your team to finance the new solution so you can get started right away without a major spike in your budget in the transition year!

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Rapidly Scoped Engagement
Benefit from best practices learned from hundreds of Onit ELM implementations.
Fixed Cost Implementation
Remove risk and surprises with pre-defined costs based on an agreed-upon scope.
Commitment on Timeline
The project is structured to get to “Go Live” faster with fixed timelines and obligations.
Financing of Conversion (Over Two Years)
Minimize the impact to your annual budget to make approval easier.
Our vision for transformation reduced the number of systems running our matters by 75% so that we can now manage our matters in one place. In addition, we have brought together business, outsourcing and lawyers on a single platform to ensure accurate data capture and a connected workflow to manage the department’s caseload.
British Telecom
“One of our most technologically resistant attorneys said that Onit was the single best thing we’ve ever delivered. Onit was so intuitive and easy to use that he was able to teach himself. That’s what I look for in any application that we want legal teams to use. It’s got to be user friendly.”
Corteva Agriscience
“Onit’s Enterprise Legal Management solution facilitates engagement, is focused on process, offers an environment where the user experience is crucial and empowers a better way to work. It can also be augmented to manage other legal processes. It was differently organized than other legal e-billing and matter management systems we had seen, and we really liked it because all of the information was at our fingertips. And in today’s highly connected world, where information is spread across devices and in the cloud, that is more important than ever.”
Jaguar Land Rover