Introducing Revolutionized Contract AI

AI That Goes Beyond Alerts and Does the Work

Onit has reinvented contract review tools with the launch of ReviewAI Smart Checklists.

Contract review involves many moving parts that are hard to track. These moving parts often result in re-reading contracts, following up on outstanding items and reviewing changes against manual checklists. All of this slows corporate legal departments down.

Now, it’s time for a new approach to contract review tools. ReviewAI helps you keep on top of these moving parts – right within your contract – with Smart Checklists.

Smart Checklists turns your contract playbook into actionable, collaborative and automated tasks, letting you track what’s important, what needs to be done next and what’s already been done.

Ready to take advantage of new contract review tools? Watch this five-minute video demonstration of ReviewAI Smart Checklists and learn how it can save your team time, improve consistency and better enable your organization.