Legal is at a crossroads. A difficult macroeconomic climate has presented the department with an opportunity to directly and positively influence enterprise materiality, growth, and efficiency.

The 2023 Enterprise Legal Reputation (ELR)* spotlights Legal’s brand image through the lens of its internal clients and magnifies the opportunity corporate legal departments have to directly influence revenue growth, operational efficiency, and corporate culture.
*The 2023 Enterprise Legal Reputation (ELR) Report is the second installment of a multinational annual study spotlighting year-over-year changes in the brand image of corporate legal departments through the eyes of their internal clients.

In this webinar, we’ll cover major findings, including:

  • How Legal can adapt and transform into a better business partner that drives topline revenue
  • Where Legal has the greatest opportunity to positively influence materiality and growth
  • How Legal can improve operational efficiency and accelerate legal workflows
  • Why the quality of interactions between Legal and its internal clients has declined since 2022

Legal’s moment of impact is now. It’s time to lead the way.

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