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Free Business Continuity Apps to Cope with COVID-19 Impacts - Recorded Demos

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Contract Compliance Issue Tracking (Inbound + Outbound): This App provides a mechanism for companies to log and manage issues reported by (inbound) or reported to (outbound) external parties that impact the ability to deliver on a contract. This includes, but is not limited to, force majeure claims.

Work Delegation:This App is designed for employees having to unexpectedly leave work due to illness, lack of childcare, or other personal issues related to COVID-19. This App collects information about open activities and deliverables and notifies recommended delegates as well as key management.

Location Status Reporting: This App allows individual locations (offices, stores, sites, etc.) to report their operational status and track business continuity actions related to that location.

Weekly Meeting TrackerApp: This App enables managers and leadership to quickly establish a framework for offsite team communications, including managing agendas and follow-ups for standup meetings and aggregating updates for management reporting.
COVID-19 Self Reporting App: This App empowers employees to self report when they have experienced symptoms or been diagnosed with COVID-19. This App provides data to allow organizations to address HR implications, notify contacts, manage return-to-work dates, and capture information to apply for federal benefits.
Return-to-Work Risk Assessment: This App is designed for companies that plan to re-open their offices that have been closed as a result of the pandemic. This App will survey employees regarding risk factors for COVID-19 transmission and allows human resources and management to determine return-to-work dates and protocol.

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