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Webinar: Managing Compliance Investigations with Workflow Platform Technology at Roche

In this webinar, Roche shared its experience with workflow automation to streamline and gain visibility into global team compliance with internal and regulatory policies. With its technology partner, Onit, and consulting partner, Duff & Phelps, Roche built a front-to-back solution to manage the full lifecycle of investigations. Watch how quickly the solution was implemented and how the technology has bridged gaps between legal, compliance and other departments to reduce risk to the company.


  • Sébastien Bergier, Director Internal Investigations, Roche
  • Imran Khan, Computer Forensics Manager, Roche
  • Matt DenOuden, SVP-Global Sales, Onit
  • Roger Jarman, Director, Legal Management Consulting, Kroll
  • Christoph Kueng, President, Swiss LegalTech Association
  • Nicolas Torrent, Vice President, Communication and marketing | Co-head Geneva Chapter, Swiss LegalTech Association

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