OnitCX Newsletter - Summer 2020

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Onit Customer Newsletter

Message from Matt DenOuden, VP of Global Sales


Welcome to the second installment of the OnitCX quarterly newsletter! Summer is in full swing and so is Onit. Below you’ll find product updates, information about Onit programs and partners and a customer spotlight featuring Pearson plc. Pearson has been on an awards winning streak for their transformation initiative that included contract management and workflow automation from Onit.

Speaking of managing contracts… did you know that Onit invested significantly in contract lifecycle management (CLM) in 2019? After helping 70+ customers with contract-related workflows for years, we built and launched a comprehensive CLM product. It’s getting great feedback and gaining rapid traction in the market. We’d love to share with you what we’ve done, so please expect a “show and tell” request from your account manager soon. Or, if you’d like to go straight to the head of the line and schedule a demo you can click the button below.

In the spirit of show and tell, I’d also encourage you to learn more about how our Apptitude platform can enable an agile legal operations strategy. Onit has now solved over 200 workflow use cases outside of all its products. Check out this video and this virtual discussion from Onit customers on why Apptitude fits the bill for them. I hope you are all doing well in these tough times. As always, my virtual door is open for you anytime. Please reach out at [email protected].

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Matt DenOuden
VP of Global Sales

Onit Customer Spotlight

CLM Customer Pearson Wins Multiple Awards

Pearson is on a tear with industry awards, winning recognitions from the Buying Legal Council and Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) in the past year and now getting shortlisted for the Legal Innovation Awards. The global learning company created a transformational shared service center to support commercial transactions worldwide for more than 10,000 users. Powered by Onit’s platform including its contract lifecycle management and legal service request solutions, Pearson achieved a 35% cost reduction and 30% improved contract turnaround time.

Robert Mignanelli, SVP, Associate General Counsel, Global Product/Technology at Pearson plc (who also won an internal Pearson award for excellence) sat down to discuss this award-winning initiative in this on-demand webinar. Mignanelli is joined by Joy Saphla, President, Morae Legal of Morae Global Corporation and Matt DenOuden, VP, Global Sales of Onit to share details about the journey to move from a highly bespoke legal services model into a more standardized and streamlined way of delivering support to the business.

Pearson is the fourth Onit customer to be named to the prestigious ACC Value Champion list over the past several years. Ask your account manager how we can help you win recognition for your project!

Product Management Corner

Our team is working on improvements to Onit’s user interface. To help us prioritize, please answer 6 quick questions.

Join the Club!

Have you joined Lean Into LegalOps yet? If not, you’re missing out on great content and the chance to join bi-monthly calls featuring other Onit customers doing demos of Apps they’ve built using our Apptitude platform. Here are two examples of what we’ve seen over the past couple months:

*Please keep these videos private, as they are only approved for sharing amongst other Onit customers.

Did You Know?

Did you know that Onit has a Strategic Alliances program? Onit establishes and maintains a network of relationships with third parties who offer products and services that can drive greater value out of your Onit products. We have over 120 Onit-certified resources to date, and we continue to grow! Our alliance partners can:

  • Develop roadmaps
  • Provide subject matter expertise and leading practices
  • Drive change management
  • Deliver managed services (bill review, contract management)
  • Facilitate outside counsel RFPs
  • Facilitate rapid-pay discounting
  • Automate contract redlining
  • Enable e-Signature

For more about our partnerships and how they can help meet your needs, visit onit.com/strategic-alliances/ or email [email protected].

Onit News

Upcoming Events

  • August 25 – Announcement of Fall Lean Into LegalOps program
  • October 26 – 30 – Women, Influence & Power in Law Virtual Conference
  • November 10 – CLOC Virtual Global Institute

In Case You Missed It

Onit hosted our first Customer Fireside Chat on July 14th. Here’s a recap of the first one:

Onit Leadership Fireside Chat: Where Do We Go From Here?

Onit recently held a thought-provoking leadership fireside chat with Onit customer Elizabeth Jaworski, global head of legal operations at Astellas Pharma, Eric M. Elfman, CEO and Founder of Onit, and Matt DenOuden, VP global sales at Onit. This session discussed the challenges of running a company during the pandemic while supporting our customers, employees and partners. Additional topics of discussion included Onit’s response to COVID-19, how the company is building a diversity, equity and inclusion program (DE&I) and highlights about its new virtual Lean into LegalOps program.

Please take a few minutes time to watch the recording.

Watch the Fireside Chat

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Onit Summer 2020 Software Update

At Onit we are committed to our customers’ success by ensuring you have the most up to date software, functionality, and tools at your disposal. Onit is continuing to stay at the forefront of innovation by continuously making improvements to our software that better serve you. Below is a summary of updates to our software this past quarter.

Download a PDF of the Software Updates

Enterprise Legal Management
Feature Update Description
Opt-Out for timekeeper diversity info In BillingPoint, for some jurisdictions, privacy restrictions may prevent the request and display of timekeeper diversity information. This feature allows a vendor in BillingPoint to opt-out of participating in the gathering of such data. The setting is at the vendor office level and when enabled, the gender and ethnicity questions will no longer be available for timekeepers of the respective office. Any previously provided responses to those questions will no longer be shown both in BillingPoint and Onit for those timekeepers.
Attach XML files as attachments when submitting invoices In BillingPoint, vendors are able to upload XML files as attachments when submitting invoices in BillingPoint either when creating a manual invoice or uploading a LEDES invoice. These attachments will be viewable in Onit when reviewing the invoice.
Improved email PDF export In Onit and BillingPoint, users are able to customize their invoice PDF exports by choosing the respective invoice sections via the Custom PDF dropdown option. Timekeeper information is now included in both the Quick and Custom PDF exports.
Improved invoice performance In Onit, speed and performance are increased now for clients viewing and interacting with invoices containing a large number of line items.
Removed internal scrolling In Onit, the internal vertical scrolling on the invoice page is now removed which significantly improves the user experience for an invoice reviewer.
Matter update notification In Onit, a screen notification appears at the top of the Matter page whenever there is more than one user in a Matter record at the same and an update is made.
Contract Lifecycle Management
Feature Update Description
Obligation Management: Master Obligation Library Phase II of Obligation Management allows users to define when an Obligation should get automatically added to the contract record. Either at the contract type level, the clause level, or a combination of both. For example, if contract type SOW and the SLA clause then add obligation for 24/7 phone support at a 3-hour turnaround.
Obligation Management: Add obligations through the Word add-in Phase II of Obligation Management allows users to add an Obligation directly from the Word Add-in if the Obligation was not added from the Master Obligation Library.
Template Management: UI for fields selection built into Word add-in Within the Word Add-in, a user can select which field to be referenced into the template.
Contract Hierarchy: Grid View of Contract Hierarchy Provides visualization of the entire Agreement Hierarchy. Many customers have many amendments and complex hierarchies that are difficult to understand. The grid view allows the visualization of the tree hierarchy of the agreements with the ability to drill down to an individual agreement.
Tracked Clauses: Mark a clause as tracked in a template Within the Word Add-in, the user can mark the clause as a tracked clause.
Tracked Clauses: Reconcile tracked changes back to CLM record If the clause is changed the contract record is updated with detailed information as the before and after the wording of the clause, who changed it, date, time, etc.

To read the technical release notes for each update please visit the documentation portal at docs.onit.com.

If you have any questions regarding or obtaining these updates, please reach out to your Onit Account Manager or Project Manager. If you are unsure who your Onit manager is, please reach out to [email protected].


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