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White Paper: Achieving Measurable Success in Account Management

Process? Project? What's the Difference?

Acquiring a new customer is seven times more expensive than the cost of properly maintaining an existing relationship. So, why do many sales organizations focus primarily on new business at the detriment of account management? The answer is often rooted in a lack of standard processes that drive a consistent account management methodology across the sales team.

This impacts customer satisfaction which in turn impacts revenue and drives up customer attrition, forcing you to spend a great deal of your budget trying to replace lost customers.

This white paper will address:

  • Five easy steps to improving sales effectiveness
  • Using technology to “democratize” account management
  • Implementing and enforcing standards across all sales reps
  • Retaining customers at a higher rate to extract more value

Download a copy of the white paper today and learn how simple steps, supported by the right technology, can standardize and improve your account management function.

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