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White Paper: Coming Full Circle

Using Technology to Close NDA Lifecycle Gaps

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are typically the first step in a business relationship. As such, it is critical that the process be smooth and seamless for both parties so as to successfully lay a foundation for future dealings.

However,the unfortunate truth is that many corporations treat NDAs less formally than a traditional contract document. As a result, a new client relationship can be put in jeopardy before it even begins.

At Onit, we believe the key to fixing these kinds of business process issues lies in a new “App-centric” way of thinking. Our NDA App is designed to streamline and simplify the process behind tasks you encounter every day.

This white paper will address how the Onit NDA App can protect your company from potential liabilities by:

  • Ensuring each NDA is executed with the correct language
  • Providing a dashboard of all open and signed NDAs
  • Guaranteeing proper standardization in order to meet legal requirements
  • Closing the loop on NDAs by integrating with document repositories

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