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White Paper: Embracing Legal Department Transformation with Technology

Legal Service Request Solutions

Today’s legal departments are oftentimes inundated, and sometimes overwhelmed, with the myriad of issues that crop up daily. Legal service requests (LSR) are a key player among many departments’ daily headaches. LSRs should be relatively simple affairs to handle, but in reality, they are a frequent and major contributor to a legal department’s organizational chaos.

Thankfully, the world of emails, phone calls, and informal conversations to initiate legal service requests is now gone and business process automation has ushered in a new era of cutting edge customer service and efficiency. Download our latest LSR white paper and learn how to drastically reduce the cycle time spent on manual, administrative tasks.

The white paper will highlight:

  • How to avoid the consensual neglect trap
  • Market trends in legal technology
  • Best practices for legal service request solutions
  • The benefits and cost efficiencies of choosing the right tool


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