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Stop the NDA Strain: Making NDA Management More Efficient and Effective for Today’s Corporate Legal Departments

Commonly used by sales teams, procurement, human resource departments, and much more, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) protect business strategies and trade secrets and are among the most frequently drafted agreements at any company.

Corporate legal departments have long been bogged down in routine contracts, and NDAs are a prime example. The sheer volume of contracts and the necessary cross-departmental collaboration create specific challenges around handling NDAs in particular. Simply put, NDAs tie up legal resources, slow the business down and create frustration for everyone involved.

Automate NDA saves you time and money, all while reducing risk and increasing accuracy. The results speak for themselves. For example, 52% time savings from reviewing NDAs, 80% faster NDA agreement execution, and 70% reduction in end-to-end processing time.

NDAs are critical to protecting a company’s business strategies and trade secrets, which is why an organization can be exposed to many potential liabilities when the process breaks down. It’s time to fix the broken NDA cycle. Save time, execute your NDAs faster, increase efficiency and free up your legal resources with Automate NDA.

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