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Case Study: Strategic Process Innovation

Improve Client Service and Operational Effectiveness with Apptitude

Every company must look for ways to become more efficient and responsive to both their internal and external clients. Process improvement is increasingly the place where innovation is taking place and delivering significant business results.

Innovative legal departments are making process improvement an important part of their strategy and are focused on ways to better serve their clients, complete requests faster and provide real-time insight into the status of their work.

This case study highlights how one Fortune 500 technology and industrial company created a quality process program to do just that. It had two simple goals:

  1. Deliver exceptional client service
  2. Improve operational effectiveness

The results were extraordinary – projects that took weeks were now being delivered in hours and days. The legal team saw improved lawyer and business engagement in predictable processes that focused on results. Accountability was greatly enhanced across all transactions and lawyer adoption was incredibly high. Onit Apps made their jobs easier, eliminated duplicate work and helped them get their jobs done more easily and provide better service to their clients.

This case study will address:

  • The process gap analysis and how they created a baseline
  • How they redesigned & rationalized internal processes
  • How light-weight Apps delivered results quickly
  • What Apps they used to kick-start the process


Download a copy of the case study today to learn how Onit App Builder can improve client service and operational effectiveness in your legal department.

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