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White Paper: The End of An Era

Evolving Beyond Email and Spreadsheets to Manage Your Law Department

Law departments that successfully manage contract workloads and workflow have developed simple yet effective business processes. However, too often, in-house counsel is immersed in largely inefficient day-to-day support or administrative activities at the expense of meaningful participation in strategic business priorities.

As transaction volumes increase and demand for faster turnaround times from the business become the norm, tools such as Outlook, Excel, Word and SharePoint do not have the capability of doing the job well.

This movement to amplify a company’s response time calls for technology that can address the business process conundrum posed by contract review.

This white paper will address:

  • Why traditional tools used for contract intake are inefficient
  • Why the demand for faster turnaround requires businesses to reevaluate their tools
  • How corporate law departments are reinventing the way they approach contract review
  • Why Apps are crossing from the consumer world into the business environment
  • How Apps streamline contract management lifecycle, reduce processing time and simplify administration requirements

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